Some awards!!

I have been honoured in the last few days to have been nominated for some gorgeous blog awards and so thought I’d better get them posted and passed on!!  It’s always a nice feeling when someone shows how much they appreciate the things you do so to the ladies who gave me these awards – THANK YOU SO MUCH.

The Beautiful Blogger award has been passed to me by two awesomely creative and talented girls – Marina and Claudette.  The rules are that you have to pass it on to 15 bloggers who you have found recently and to share 7 facts about yourself (this is the bit I don’t like – I’m so dull).  So here goes:

1. I have a real thing for Vampires!!  Always have, always will!!
2. I didn’t get dressed today until lunchtime!
3. I have 5 kids but still get broody!
4. I am extremely indecisive (I think).
5. I love Great White Sharks!
6. I HATE shopping if it’s not anything to do with craft supplies.
7. Did I say I love Vampires??

The next two awards were also given to me by Marina and are ones I’ve never had before.

The Sweet Blog award asks you for 12 facts – I’m going to cheat and add five onto the seven I just listed above :

1. I am LAZY ( see above)
2. I found my first grey hair yesterday – I’m dying it next week!
3. I love to visit different countries – Canada is next on my to do list.
4. I hate nightclubs – I guess that goes along with number 2.
5. I don’t eat breakfast

The Sunshine Award asks you to pass it on to 6 people and link them and the awarder on your own blog so a nice easy one – phew, I’ve totally run out of things to say about myself!!

So now to pass these babies on.  I am going to pick 15 fantastic bloggers and pass ALL THREE of these awards on to them.  Most of them are ones I’ve discovered fairly recently but a few are some of my all time favourites.  So here goes:

2. Aimes (Crafting Confessions)
3. Susan (Simplicity)
4. Willow and Paisley
5. Paulina (Pretty Pink Posh)
6. Debbie (Country Heart and Home)
7. Kay (Robin Egg Ribbon)
8. Dawn (Aurora Dawn)
9. Taheera (Fill Your Paper With the Beathings of Your Heart)
10.Ingrid (Scarpbook Mania and More)
11.Ted (Happily Ever Crafter)
12.Melissa (Melissa’s paperie)
13.Meg (Vintage Pretties)
14.Lori (Smiling While Stamping)
15.Vanessa (Wings of a Butterfly)

Phew, that took a while!! 
Off to catch up on my work now – you’d think I had nothing to do!!

Caryn xxx


  1. Congratulations and Thank you so much!! Wow, I am honoured! Do I have to hold a speech now? I am into this vampire thing, too!
    Have a fab week!
    Vanessa x

  2. Caryn, how very thoughtful of you to think of me and it’s no wonder YOU got those awards. 🙂 You always have such a nice blog and it’s organized and fun. 🙂 Vampires, huh? I’d never have guessed. I have a confession. I actually went looking for Twilight and then remembered that I’m a guy so I stopped in my tracks. 😉 Take care!

  3. And I agree with Aimes and Kate, No surprise at all! The awards are well and truly deserved. So glad to see you have the PTI addiction well and truly in hand too LOL

    Thank you for thinking of me when it came to passing the awards on, will post on my blog later this week, when I can think of replys …

  4. I agree with Aimes – Love your blog EVEN more now you’re rocking the PTI cards!! ALways love your designs!

    Thank you for the award hun and have a great week! K xx

  5. Well it’s no surprise you got all those blog awards, hun! Your blog is FABULOUS! Especially now it features some PTI goodness ;D
    Thanks sooooo much for passing one on to me – I’ll post it on my blog soon!

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