Only 2 weeks too late!!

Look how pretty it looks!!  This is our house this afternoon right in the middle of the biggest snowfall we’ve had here in years.  I am happily enjoying this little bit of snow although I can say that because I don’t have to go out in it!!  The kids are officially off tomorrow and even hubby has the day free so I think we’ll enjoy making some snowmen and having hot cross buns and hot chocolate!!  Hope it’s good wherever you are!
Caryn xxx


  1. OMG, picture perfect! and how fun you were all be able to enjoy it together. Sounds divine! xxD

  2. Beautiful picture of the snow Caryn 🙂 Have fun making snowmen and keeping warm inside.

    Alex x

  3. beautiful photos Caryn, feeling envious, my snow pics are a bit naff – except the ones with Zac in!


  4. Looks lovely when you’re in, took me over 4 hours to get home last night but todya I am staying nice and safe at home!!

  5. Hi Caryn,
    Doesn’t it just look so lovely ! snow is falling rapidly here, the kids are off, I am off but hubster is at work, goodness knows how he will get home tonight as the roads are terrible already.
    Enjoy your snowman making,
    Claire xx

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