Shameless plug alert!!

A few of you may know that in my real life I manage our portfolio of approx 40 properties around the Wirral / Merseyside area.  We started building it up around 7 years ago and have now taken the plunge and set up a Lettings Agency.  Here comes the “plug” part.  Our lovely new website went live about 3 weeks ago and we are trying to get it optimized in Google etc so eventually it appears on page 1 for Wirral lettings searches.  This will obviously take some time but I thought to give it a wee boost I would ask all my lovely blogging friends to help us out by just clicking on our link so that it tots up some hits and helps push us up through the Google pages.  


You don’t need to do anything except click the link – the more unique hits we have the better.  Why “Five Estates” I hear you ask!  Well, it took three months of trying to come up with a company name that was available at Companies House, as a .com and .co.uk domain.  EVERYTHING we tried had already been taken so we then came up with Five Estates simply because we have 5 children!!!!!  No mystery!

Ok, thanks to everyone who clicks on us – I’m eternally grateful!  If you feel like telling anyone else about us too it would be fantastic – the more clicks the better for us. 


Caryn xxx


  1. I clicked – great site and different to the norm – good luck with it:)

  2. No harm in a self plug right? I clicked away!
    Good luck in your new venture!

    P.S Totally lookin’ forward to meeting you too in the ‘flesh’ soon so to speak LOL! ;D

  3. Hi Caryn, I clicked . Hope it helps, good luck!

    Hugz, xx


  4. Hi Caryn, I’ve clicked and have to say wow what an amazing welcome page. Love the colour scheme and it’s so user-friendly. Good luck! Hugs, Denise x

  5. consider it clicked lovey!

  6. Screwing up your courage and going for it..soemthing I associate with you. Great good luck. Website is great.

  7. I have been and had a nose 🙂 love the layout and the colour scheme you have gone for, very user friendly and it also helps if ever I need a place in the wirral, do i get boss discounts LOL 🙂
    Hope it is a huge success Caryn 🙂
    Hugs Gina xxx

  8. Okay, been there done that 😉

  9. I gave you a clicky!

    Good luck!

  10. Hi Caryn,

    Have clicked for you, great home page!


  11. Have clicked for you,
    good luck,

  12. I’ve had my click and I have to say your welcome page is very welcoming, great display. Hope the click helps.
    Kim xXx

  13. Hope my click helped.

  14. I clicked and had a nose around. Properties are cheep in your neck of the woods. x

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