Look what we did today!!

halloween 2009 For me Halloween comes a close second only to Christmas.  I love all the hype and every time I watch those American movies with all the houses decorated to the hilt it makes me so wish it was a bigger thing over here.    We carved 5 pumpkins this morning – one for every child and tomorrow we are having a big party and going around our road (there are only 9 houses!) trick or treating.  I can’t wait although I haven’t got everything prepared just yet – it’ll be fine though – I’m sure!! 


Happy Halloween


  1. Those are fab Hun – you should see our pathetic attempts at Pumpkin carving – dire LOL

    I think you’re gonna have to call me – I’m just rubbish at remembering!! So snowed under at them moment but giddy at the thought of Christmas!!
    Hugs, Steph x

  2. Like you Halloween is huge for us. I had the pumpkins out all week only bringing them in to carve today. I wish it was bigger here. Hope you had a great Halloween. x

  3. Precision pumpkin surgery – er, carving. Hope you’ve had a really fun day!

  4. Awesome pumpkin carving! Looks like fun! I have an award for you here! http://craft-princess.blogspot.com/2009/10/2-awards.html

    Happy Halloween!

  5. OMG! These are AWESOME pumpkins! I too wish there was more hype over here – I just love an excuse to eat lots of sweet treats and dress up! LOL!
    Have a Spooktacular Halloween and a fab party!

  6. Wow they look absolutely brilliant! Happy Halloween, hope you have a great day x

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