Oh no – I WANT ONE!!!!!!


This is my absolutely GORGEOUS new nephew Thomas.  I haven’t seen him yet (didn’t think I should go near with this stinking cold) but hubby went this afternoon and took some piccies for me.  Can’t you just smell him from here?  I’m a bit scared of the effect he might have on me when I do see him though – I have a habit of getting broody around newborns – I want to eat them up!! 

Off to write myself a list of the reasons why six children would not work for me!


Caryn xxx


  1. Caryn he is adorable!! x

  2. Oh Caryn he’s just edible! Think you should think hard why six kids would not work for you before you get a hold of him…lol

    Vicki x

  3. Awwwwwwwww!!!! he is such a cutie. now caryn, don’t you think you should have an even number of children…..?!!!! sub for the 5- a -side family football team… lol!!

  4. He is absolutely perfect!

  5. Awww!! He’s babylicious!!!

  6. OMG he’s adoreable!!! I get broody round newborns too but think of all the cuddles you can have instead 🙂
    hugs amanda xx

  7. He’s deffo gorgeous Caryn and a little blondie too 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get lots of cuddles just as soon as you kick your cold into touch 🙂 Donna x

    PS: I didn’t have to bribe hubby into doing dinner and cleaning my car yesterday…he knows his place ROFL!

  8. Just Perfect Caryn, he is enough to make anyone broody…Big congrats again hunni, hope you get better soon so you can give him a big cuddle.



  9. AWWWWWWWWW he is adorable and love the fine blonde hair, How on earth do you cope with 5 little darlings? i struggle with three and its only the first day of the hols and i am pulling my hair out, love the baby stage but 21/2 and 5 year olds very hard to please any help?
    hope you get well soon so you can go and hold him.
    hugs Debra
    ps i love the baby smell and obsesses with baby feet(lol)

  10. Just gorgeous. Visit regularly to get your fix! May I suggest reason 1- Someone would get left out if they play five a side!

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