What an inspirational blog! Please go and read it.

Well I am sitting here quite literally with tears rolling down my cheeks and a lump in my throat the size of a watermelon! I have been transfixed by a blog that is so unbelievably amazing that I had to come and share it with you all. Dawny P mentioned this lady to me at her card club a few weeks ago and her name popped in to my head tonight so I thought I’d check her out. Her name is Summer Driggs and she has a blog called Summertime Designs. She is the most amazing digital artist and creates truly exceptional digi scrapbook kits which she gives away for free (yes, you heard me right) on her blog. That on it’s own is seriously impressive but what has me blown away is the personal story of both her and her friend and the agony of each having a beautiful little baby girl with serious medical problems. Summer’s little girl, Claire was diagnosed with Tuberous Sclerosis disease and had a brain tumour removed last August. Since then she has been doing really well and has not long passed her 1st birthday. Her friend Kari had a baby girl, Bree one week after Summer and at 7 months was diagnosed with cancer! It is a hard read but one that makes you stop and check yourself. Was it really all that important that the kids didn’t tidy up their bedrooms when they were told? Or that you haven’t finished your heap of ironing that has been sitting piling up all week? When you read about people like these two amazing women and their precious little babies struggling to live it makes you realise that sometimes, you do take your health, wealth and happiness a little for granted. I have had my own taste of what this is like when my 4th baby, Sophie was born. A few minutes after she was delivered she started to have breathing difficulty and was rushed down to intensive care. The following day she was taken to Alder Hey hospital and diagnosed with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. This is basically a hole in the diaphragm and meant that the bowel, liver and kidney had travelled through to the chest cavity instead of developing in the abdominal cavity. At two days old she had surgery to repair it all and we were told she had a 20% chance of survival. She remained in hospital for nearly three weeks then was allowed to come home. Sophie is amazing and has rarley suffered more than a cold ever since. She will be 5 in June!!

I hope some of you do go and check out Summer’s blog for yourselves and take a wee bit of time to learn about her life and about her friend – get a box of tissues first though!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Dear Caryn, what a moving story…both Summers and your own. When I was pregnant with my youngest daughter my friends daughter died at 8 days old with the same medical condition your daughter has survived so beautifully…I know the heart ache that my friend went through and can only image what you have experienced….your story will bring hope to others….no one will understand the way you can!!! Beautiful to see your daughter and know that there are ahooy endings too!
    Lovely Linda

  2. Oh Caryn – Sophie is a little trooper isn’t she? (& a stunning one at that) – thanks for sharing your touching story. I will have to visit that blog when I feel ‘strong’ enough (bit hormonal at present so not a good idea at the moment) Jasmine had to have (albiet very routine keyhole)surgery at 3 weeks so I know what a frightning experience it is, there are no words. Steph xxx
    P.s. hope you feel better soon, sending you a long distance hug (don’t want to catch it after all lol)

  3. Lordy, I’m a snotty wreck now. Beautiful pic of Sophie, thanks for sharing x

  4. thanks for visiting my blog and for the link you left, i popped over and your right i did need a box of tissues, it really makes you take stock, they are both so very brave. sounds like you and your daughter have also been through a lot, so pleased it had a happy ending, your daughter is beautiful and has a very special mum.
    have a great weekend
    Tracy x

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