What a difference a day makes!!


This was the nightmare that I’ve been putting off for weeks! You can’t even see the stuff to the right of where I’m standing which was piled with more junk. Well, after a strong cup of coffee and a valium I set to it and now look!! I give them about 24 hours before it starts to resemble the first picture again!!


By the way, did you even spot the baby in the first one? lol


  1. hehe this so reminds me of my house, my 3 little ones really do keep me on my toes and it does get to a point where your not always quite sure where to start so you just dont lol. I must say my craft area aka dining table at the moment (until hubby removes his junk from my designated area) is looking frightful maybe i should do a before and after too lol. Well done anyway it looks amazing, where did you manage to find space for all the things that were in there?? Apart from the little cutie in the middle ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  2. You are AMAZING! That’s what my scrap room looks like. Wanna come over? LOL It still amazes me that you have 5 kids. You look like a kid yourself deary. Hugs! D

  3. When my DD was 3 and my DS was 1; we finished the basement just so we would not be tripping over their toys on the main floor. Best investment we ever made! I was able to keep the main floor clear and clutter free and did not stress at how the basement looked. I was at my DD’s house today and I got my 3 yr. old granddaughter to pick up all her toys in the living room and put them where they belonged. I did let her keep the toys she was playing with out.

  4. Don’t want to upset you but this chaos won’t get better if yours are anythin like mine !! Tomorrow I’ll take a photo of my 15 yr old daughters room !! Just leave it then tidy up when they leave home ,,,, ha ha
    enjoy your weekend !
    ps yeah , i did see the little one amidst the toys ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Assuming that Baby Pippa isn’t in the bin…congratulations! Amazing how it builds and builds and then suddenly, you can bear it no more!! Good work girly!

  6. Wow it reminds of a book called ‘in the bin’ that I used to read to the kids at school. It’s about a Dad who is left to look after two youngsters. He tells them to tidy up and threatens that if they don’t he will put everything in the bin. Well of course the kids fall asleep – Dad comes back and carries out his threat and puts everything in the bin including the nippers. It’a good book – honest!!

    Great job you did there – errrrrrrr can I just ask where’s the baby now?? lol

    Ann xxx

  7. *raises hand* I spotted the cute ickle bubba lol
    Blimey Caryn – what did you do with all the toys?
    Hope you had your own little playtime after all that! xxx

  8. This post did me good, made me so thankful that I don;t have to clear up that sort of mess anymore. The baby is adorable, and the room looks great now.
    Enfys x

  9. OMG you are superwoman lol!I know the story the boys bedroom gets exactly the same and i feel great when ive tidied it up only then to have it trashed again within 5 minutes lol.Yes i spotted the baby in the first picture lol is that your youngest?she’s a sweetie!!!hugs amanda xx

  10. lol I feel your pain. You know it needs to be done but you are just so overwhelmed and you don’t know where to start. You did a fabulous job. Good thing you took a picture after so you can remember what it looks like clean. lol
    I DID spot that little cutie! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a super day!

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