How does one "make time"?

I haven’t done anything here for a couple of days so as it is the very first day of a new month I thought I’d add something. I am hoping that by this time tommorrow, ie, after the first day back at school, I will have made a plan for myself to get my crafting ass in gear. I look around at the creations that lots of people have been producing and they fill me with total inspiration. I just never seem to get the time to do it. My new plan is to MAKE TIME. As of today.


Ok, I know it’s August but I’m just playing.

One of my favourite LO’s. Christmas hugs. This is my daughter Olivia with her cousin. They are inseperable!


I know I’m talking to myself, but HEY it worked!

Not sure about the layout but at least I got the picture up.


Just testing

This is a LO i did as a challenge at my local crop some time ago. I am just trying to see if I have been successful at uploading and image or if I am a total numpty with this whole caper!


I have no idea what I’m doing!

This is my first post on what is a very boring-looking and somewhat sad blog. I have been sat in front of the computer browsing other people’s blogs and a thought popped into my head – “I could do one of those”. And so, some 4 hours later I am looking at a fairly dull black page onto which I have somehow managed to upload a photo but not really anything else. Over time I’m sure I will figure out what I can do to make things a little more,erm, pretty (what the hell is HTML by the way?) and perhaps even add some of my little creations along the way.

In the meantime, anyone who happens to be passing by, I hope you will bear with me and perhaps pop back again now and then as I continue on my journey into the the nether-regions of the blooging world.

Wish me luck……