A few more belated Easter treats!

Thought I’d grab a minute to share a few more pics of the little treats I made to sell at one of our school fundraisers a few weeks ago. 

These are just some little bags of mini eggs made using SU’s small cellophane bags, a nestibilities die and PTI stamps (Tags for Spring – thanks again Kate), Fancy Flourishes and Mega Mixed Messages

These next ones were totally inspired by my lovely friend Steph.  They’re done using the Sizzix shaker box die and again, PTI stamps and inks.  These are also filled with scrummy mini eggs.

I’ve also just noticed that I have now reached the amazing 400 mark on my blog followers list!!  Wow, thank you so much to everyone that visits me and always leave such lovely comments.  I think it calls for a wee celebration so I will put together a blog candy when I get a chance to say a huge THANK YOU!

Have a great day,
Caryn xxx


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  3. what adorable treat boxes and bags!!

  4. Great easter treats Caryn, I’m sure the school raised plenty of funds with them.


  5. I hope that School appreciates you Missy – you must make them a fortune with such gorgeousness on offer!! How are you sweetie pie? Miss you loads *big snogs but no tongues* Stephanie xxx

  6. What fab Easter treat holders! I bet they didn’t stay full for long! x

  7. Seriously fabulous Easter Treats, hun! I love both styles of treat holder, I couldn’t choose one so I’d have to buy a few LOL!
    Are you loving the sneak peeks of the PTI release…? I betcha cart’s already full isn’t it?! ;D

  8. You’re welcome hun! LOVE your Easter treats – the colours are scrummy (as are the eggs I’m sure!).

    Congrats on your followers – we all LOVE your blog! Hope to catch up soon – and see you soon too! K xx

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