Crafty Resolution 1 – Less is More!!

I have a small list of crafty resolutions this year and above is an example of 1 of them.  I LOVE cards that have MASSIVE detail in them (look at Bevs, Debby’s, Mina’s, Fran’s… I could list so many more) and the inspiration I get from them is immense.  However, there is nothing better than a simple striking card that is just uncluttered and stylish (some of my favourites are Mandy, Aimes, Kate, Vanessa, Lucy – again, the list is endless).  As my style has been more erm, “busy” of late I have decided to try and be “fresher” in my approach this year.  I know I’m not that good at it right now (there’s something about the cards above that I’m not that happy with – probably the snowflakes stamped onto the background!) but hopefully this will improve – as will my photography skills!!
These cards are the first of many “Christmas Thank You” cards I need to make – hence the duplicte nature of them!  I don’t normally make cards in batches which brings me to resolution number 2 – make more cards!!  I spend a lot of time at my desk procrastinating instead of creating so I’m going to make more and fanny around less!!  (pardon my French ;0)  I have used the fabulous Papertrey Ink stamp set I won at Steph’s make and take day in November (thanks again sweetie), with little offcuts of ribbon I had lying in my scraps drawer.  Oh, that’s number 3 – use what I’ve already got!! The amazing Nicole Heady is challenging everyone to do something with their scraps so pop on over to her blog for some scraptastic inspiration.
Right, it’s back to school tomorrow for the kids (yay, a trip to the Trafford Centre for me) so better go and prepare – unless someone has invented hands-free irons and sandwiches which appear as if by magic in the fridge!!


  1. These are so cute and amazing!

  2. Love these cards, Caryn. Definitely like the concept “less is more”~~now if only I could stop fiddling with my cards after they are finished and just let them be ;o)

  3. Oh how I envy you at the Trafford Centre – I love that place!
    Anyways back to the cards – you’ve definitely cracked the CAS style, I can’t see any fannying around on these beauties LOL! I like the snowflakes, I guess if you want them to be more subtle you could try versamark?!
    My resolutions are pretty much the same btw! Less fannying, more making ;D
    Here’s to hands-free irons too! LOL!

  4. Gorgeous cards Caryn, less is definitely more and I just love the kraft card!

    Vicki x

  5. I love the design of the thank you cards,
    I am just like you – I sit at the table for ages over thinking what to make what cardstock to use what colours, will they like it and before i know it i’vw wasted 2 hours and made nothing. Time for a change i feel.
    Lots of love – julie xx

  6. These are the sweetest little thank you notes. I love the little package!

  7. beautiful cards!

  8. These are wonderful!

  9. I have NEVER heard that expression but it will now be a new FAV of mine! Love your less is more. These are so great!!!

  10. hey I think we’re all guilty of a certain amount of fannying around Caryn lol
    gorgeous cards, love the CAS style

  11. Hi Caryn,
    You are right – very often less is more. these are beautiful card though based on a simpler layout. I love them.
    Fiona x

  12. Oh my you have been reading my mind,you could have written this post for me I agree with everything you have written whole-heatedly!!! Fab little cards and as the French would say no fannying about. Sue :o)

  13. I love your cards! (and your resolution!)- less can be so much more striking! Thanks for sharing and best wishes on your creative journey!

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