Blog Award :0)

smiles on faces award

This gorgeous award has been kindly passed on to me and my fellow ProMarker girlies from our gorgeous and talented Sarah.  Isn’t this a great award – I love the name of it.  It has a condition – name 5 things you might not know about me, so here goes….

1.  I am compulsive about buying things in multiples of two!

2. I got stung by wasp on Thursday and it REALLY HURT!

3. I want to swim with Great White Sharks.

4. My eldest daughter is named after Olivia Newton-John.

5. I have 2 cats called Ollie and Scratchy.

I’m so boring aren’t I?  I listed anything vaguely interesting about myself for another blog award a few months back so was really struggling to come up with anything at all!! lol

I am passing this on to these gorgeous peeps as they make me smile whenever I read their comments or visit their blogs:

Steph , Victoria, Tracy and Aimes.

Big hugs,

Caryn xxx


  1. Yay!! You know I love my awards 🙂 Thanks a million honey & I don’t think you’re boring – far from it!!

    Mwah, Mwah & (one more for luck) Mwah xxx

  2. Hey Caryn! Thanks soooooooooo much for passing this on to me – I feel very honoured! Glad I make you smile, you make me smile too LOL! OK enough of the slushfest – I’m off to post this on my blog!

  3. thanks so much, made my day you have!

    Love your pro marker card below, absolutley gorgeous, wish I’d made it!