Some awards!!

A couple of awards from Froggie (Things About ME!!). My fellow UKS teamie Teresa (aka, Froggie) has given me these two luscious awards – thank you so much hunny. I love getting awards and these two are great. I’m passing this one on to

Gina, Denise, Debbie, Helen, Ida, Maria, Michele, Natalie, Sarah, Sue.

These are my fellow Passion for Promarker design teammates and they are all FAB!

The rules with this second award are that you have give 10 facts about yourself! As I am TOTALLY unexceptional in everything then please feel free to gloss over this bit!!
1. The first letters in the names of my 5 children spell out DOGSP!

2. I once had pink hair.

3. I have been in Glasgow Central Station wearing only a basque, fishnet stockings, knickers and LOTS of make-up! No, I have not worked as a prostitute, I was HEAVILY into the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

4. I have a degree in microbiology.

5. I have two cats – Ollie (Stan went missing) and Scratchy (Itchy went under the wheels of hubby’s car – oh dear!).

6. I hate going to the hairdressers.

7. I believe in Santa.

8. I attended 17 weddings over the space of 2 years and was pregnant at all of them!

9. I LOVE sharks.

10. I have a twin sister called Susan.

Still with me??

I’m passing this award onto these gorgeous peeps:

Tracy, Steph, Michelle, Lillie, Mina and Sassy.

These girls have FANTASTIC blogs – go check em out!

Nighty night!

C xxx


  1. theres a little something for you on my blog hon
    helen x

  2. thankyou Caryn, you’r a sweetie xxx

  3. Thank you soo much for the award – you’re a little cutie. x

  4. Thanks so much for the lovely award Caryn. Love your facts too. x

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